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Do you suffer from pigment spots, wrinkles, stretch marks, large pores, pimple marks or scars and would you like to finally get rid of them? Have you tried all kinds of beauty products, but nothing worked? Do you finally wish for even, pure, smooth and healthy skin? With the use of our Original Dermaroller you can demonstrably improve the complexion of your skin. The highly professional microneedling roller enables you to have a cosmetic treatment that you can easily perform from home.

The hyaluronic acid serum is particularly suitable for optimal skin care afterwards . This serum is known for its numerous positive active ingredients, which can penetrate the skin particularly well after the Dermaroller application. Hyaluronic acid has a natural anti-aging effect and can therefore prevent skin aging. The Dermaroller Skin Care products with the Dermaroller Mask and the Dermaroller hyaluronic acid ampoules , which make your skin shine again, are the ideal complement to the treatment , so that you feel good again!

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